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05.10.2018 - Dada Pogrom playing Reykjavík Goth Night

This next show at Gaukurinn for Reykjavík Goth Night marks
the release of a new album titled
"The Synth Wreck of Vasa".

Throbbing bass and gristling rhythm will accompany
a litany of the shaddow.

Tickets are 2000 ISK at the door, 1500 ISK at tix.is.

Facebook event:

15.09.2018 Dada Pogrom last few days
of production.

24.07.2018 Dada Pogrom is now in studio producing a
new album.

Foto: Andrea Hauks

04.05.2018 dada wav trigger sample set

03.05.2018 building the dada telemicrophone

24.04.2018 midi a drumulator

30.03.2018 - Dada Pogrom playing Háskar festival in
Reykjavík at Iðnó
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07.03.2018 - all t-shirts are sold out

13.01.2018 - Dada Pogrom opening for Hatari at the next
Reykjavík Goth Night at Gaukurinn
Saturday, January 13, 2018
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