lead berry research
status: active

lead berry research was a studio project that produced
two albums and was active from 1995 to 1999

it was the first project from the beatkamp to have a
web site and streaming video (anno 1997)

the mission of this project was to develop and finesse the
tooling and method of tech noire

pk2pk cassette (2016)
cultus viagrus (1998)
pk2pk (1997)

decoy berzerker (1998)
k1 (1998)
thorium (1997)
earth rise (1997)
perigee (1997)
mal aria (1997)
kapteyn's star (1997)
yersinia pestis (1997)
eigen vector (1997)
jupiter (1997)

pk2pk cassette
lead berry research :: pk2pk :: cassette
Lead Berry Research.
yersinia pestis
Lead Berry Research.
Kenny Balys Lead Berry Research.
lead berry research
pk2pk Instruments Lead Berry Research.
pk2pk studio
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