short film :: a ghost of st. john's

St. John's, Newfoundland is an historic place by any standard. Humans
of various clans and cultures have occupied it since at least the
end of the last ice age. It is only natural that it should have
accumulated a large number of ghosts. This short film is the
story of a ghost known as The Point Cryer. In the early
morning fog, at the mouth of St. John's harbour, a
single anguished cry is sometimes heard. This
film was shot in St. John's at the actual
locations the Point Cryer ghost is
said to occupy.


Starring: Rob Howard

Co-Starring: Ricky Captainsquarters

Director, Cinematography: Ken Balys

Post: Beatkamp, Special Circumstances

Sound Design: Ken Balys

Format: DV

Release: ©2003, 2005 Beatkamp Inc.

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