Beatkamp's "Special Circumstances" division provides
unique engineering services
for select clients.

- total cinema production from Super-16mm film to delivery in HD
(Bolex EBM, Bolex S16, cold weather conditioned)
- total cinema production in digital domain (Ikonoskop Dii)
- custom and unique vector and/or 8 bit video effects
- analogue audio and cinema mastering
- audio, video, data restoration
- embedded engineering
- electronic installations of significant speciality

audio engineering services flyer (right click to download)

music video production services flyer (right click to download)

Email us now to discuss your ideas or telephone direct at:
Ottawa: 613 518 7402

Beatkamp® employees have worked directly
with some of the world's largest and most
prestigious companies including:
- Alcatel-Lucent (Newbridge Networks)
- Ericsson (Redback Networks)
- LVMH (Kenneth Cole, Givenchy)
- Sander Geophysics Ltd.
- Aquarius Flight Inc.
- Tech Five Engineering Services Ltd.
- Lumonics Inc.
- Superated

As a pocket label at the front of our unique niche
market, we are constantly developing our
expertise, our process and
internally engineered
alpha product.

Currently, we are completing our first feature film.
All elements of its production are in-house.

Beatkamp Incorporated is a Canadian company.
All client quotes and communications are
strictly confidential.

"Special Circumstances" is an homage to Iain M. Banks
and his Culture novel series.

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