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What  Is  Tech  Noire?
          Tech Noire fractals.
Tech Noire is a derivative art form.

A Tech Noire artist strives neither to do nor create anything original. As such, a Tech Noire creation is a reflection of the time and place in which it was manufactured.

Tech Noire does not change culture, it is in itself modelled after it. Tech Noire works created in cultures similar to one another, but at different times, will be similar. As culture changes, so too does Tech Noire.

The "Noire" part of Tech Noire does not necessarily imply an emotion. It is not the general goal of Tech Noire to evoke a constant dreary or depressive state but rather a strong and consistent emotional state of any sort. The Noire element refers rather to the shadow. For example, a man standing in the sun, on a bright colourful day, will cast a dark shadow upon the ground. This shadow is a metaphor for Tech Noire; it is not the sun, nor the ground, nor the man; it is an effect of the three, the intangible sum.

The "Tech" element refers to the philosophy of tool usage in the creation of a Tech Noire work. A Tech Noire artist strives always to use the best tools that their culture has to offer. This often means that ancient machines and methods are used in conjunction with the very latest and most modern machines and methods.

Older works of Tech Noire are never obsolete; rather, they are locked in the time and culture of their creation and as such are referential to said time and culture.

A Tech Noire artist must be constantly aware of their surrounding contemporary culture but does not need to be a part of it. A Tech Noire artist is an active observer of culture more so than a participant in it.

Tech Noire is not arrogant and should be readily digestible by the masses. Thus Tech Noire is composed of two primary layers; a Fabric Layer of motif expression and an adorning Tapestry Layer of universal constants and/or universal sequences.

A Tech Noire work is always built upon repetition of a simple motif. This motif lies at the center of a TN work and is always structured on either 2's or 3's or a syncopation of them both. Elements within the work are themselves synchronous or resonant to the motif. The resulting body of simple synchronous and/or resonant motif repetition forms the Fabric Layer. This Fabric Layer is minimalism in its purest form.

Where minimalism and Tech Noire diverge is at the Tapestry Layer. This layer serves structured detail based upon universal constants or sequences. Examples of these are the prime number sequence [1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,...], Pi, Euler's e, Imaginary i, Zero, the binary multiples, etc. The Tapestry Layer serves to detail the Fabric Layer with pseudo random and/or constant effect. They are bound together at points either resonant or isosynchronous with the motif to form a complete Tech Noire work.

Tech Noire may encompass all areas of creativity whether music, film, literature, engineering, dance, theater, sculpture, cuisine, architecture, fashion, etc. This is to say that it is a method that may be widely applied.

One does not require permission to be a Tech Noire artist; one simply needs must choose to be.

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