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Kolophonium DVD - Dada Pogrom Video Album
Kolophonium DVD
digital video disk DVD
NTSC, region free
$14.00 CDN

pk2pk - Lead Berry Research
pk2pk cassette
audio cassette
$14.00 CDN

Kolophonium - Dada Pogrom
Kolophonium cassette
audio cassette
$14.00 CDN

Kolophonium CD - Dada Pogrom
Kolophonium CD
compact disk
$14.00 CDN

Sauzeug 2 - Sauzeug
Sauzeug 2
7 inch vinyl 45
$10.00 CDN

Sauzeug 1 - Sauzeug
Sauzeug 1
7 inch vinyl 45
$10.00 CDN

Happy Happy Happy - Dada Pogrom
Happy Happy Happy
7 inch colour vinyl 45
$10.00 CDN

Shot a Man - Error 144
Shot a Man
7 inch colour vinyl 45
$10.00 CDN

The Tenkofenner Dongle
Tenkofenner Dongle
Dongle for connecting Tenkolek or Fenner CRT monitors.
$35.00 CDN
*** SOLD OUT ***

Beatkamp's Din Sync RE-303
Beatkamp Din Sync RE-303
An exacting replica of Roland's TB-303 made by us.
Housed in a custom black metal case, with black
knobs and buttons. Sonic Potions CPU
with MIDI.
$1700.00 CDN
*** SOLD OUT ***

All prices are in Canadian dollars. Canadian residents pay 13% GST on the final bill. Each order has a flat $5.00 CDN shipping charge so if one orders 2 or more items, we cover the extra shipping cost.
Beatkamp's HST number is 862438942.
Ottawa, Canada

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