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dada pogrom
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Dada Pogrom is a band. It makes shows, videos, movies and music.
Everything it does should be classified as Tech Noire;
this is its genre.
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Igloo Magazine:
"Dada Pogram describes his sound as Tech Noire. A lengthy manifesto of the genre, for those interested, can be found here. In short the style is centred in synth-pop, and synth-pop that's right up my street. I'd never come across the Canadian artist before, but I've been thankfully introduced. Kolophonium brings together ten piece that stretch the imagination of New Wave. Subtle and melodic instrumentals are countered by rich and wonderful lyrics. An immediate comparison would be Silicon Scientist. Warm and engaging analogue sounds with crisp snares and at times pretty impressive vocals. A stand-out track has to be the rapidly sang "The Jean Of Peterhead," a tale of shipwrecks in the North Sea accompanied by a pulsing backdrop. An ambitious and superb example of contemporary take on an 80s sound."
- Robbie Geoghegan

TastyFanzine (United Kingdom):
"There is a minimal retro sound throughout the album, in keeping with some of Dada Pogroms stated influences such as Kraftwerk and Devo, and there are also shades of early Front 242..."
- Leighton Cooksey

To Hell with Co.Uk (United Kingdom):
"...sound has been described as "tech noire" and it certainly is dark. with 80's style electro clash rhythms merged with almost beethoven like compositions, there's more than a nod to other 'dark dance' groups such as kraftwerk and the chemical brothers but with the political content in tracks such as manifesto, battle and ash wednesday (about the bombing of dresden) it makes it harder to really cut loose. Someone's obviously been listening to Paul Hardcastle."

Release Music Magazine (Sweden):
"... Another thing that seems to be typical of this particular band's output are there penchant for Kraftwerk-esque tracks."The Sky" is a great example - a very typical Kraftwerk-style song title, which leads into typical Kraftwerk style synths, all topped off with robot-effected vocals. "War Is a Pogrom" is one of my highlights here - a bizarre pre-apocalyptic techno-rap with the pace of a jackhammer, and the sensitivity of a bull! "Bees" is also worthy of note through taking the typical techno formula and lifting it into an altogether weirder, more jittery and unsettling place. ..."
- Mike Whyte

The Reykjavik Grapevine (Iceland):
"... he's worked a lot with Icelandic artists and film makers including the movie "April 1st" with director Hakur M and the video "Bent Nagast", a rap track by XXX Rotweiler... "
- Jondi

Tiedonantaja (Finland):
"It is an eclectic mix..."
- Danny Rajala

Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland):
"an interpretation of many genres and disciplines, even philosophy"
- Jan Strang

Fin Dance (Finland):
"Dada Pogrom, an Icelander brings to us Apocalypso. This music is new dark wave and tech noire, a good mixture of genres where evidence of German electronic sounds can be felt."
- Antti Niemela

Desibeli (Finland):
"...Apocalypso is a dark ambient even a modern Kraftwerk produced at Thule Studios in Iceland..."

Lets Make Some Noise (Finland):
"...Apocalypso can be compared to Kraftwerk but with a sense of humor that is..."

Guts of Darkness (France):
"The Icelandic climates favours electro: Sigur Rós, Reptilicus, Bjork and Dada Pogrom, an intelligent and varied techno exploring a spectrum of pop ('Uppkoma') with a key new wave ('Forn')... the spectrum of Kraftwerk haunts these compositions ; one also thinks of a certain work of Girogio Moroder ('Koma') but the sound remains resolutely modern."

Liability Webzine (France):
"The techno ambient of "Apocalypso" is very dark,. One rather speak about disc rather than to dance at times."
- Dorian

France Techno (France):
"...plays with the theme of war, and it is a very cynical critique at best..."

Kindamuzik (The Netherlands):
"The cd according to the attached bio is 'aggressive/explosive'. This is exactly what I hear when this album is in my stereo. "

Indie Pop (Italy):
" 'war is a pogrom, it is a festival of death' ("War is to Pogrom") is the force of Apocalypso..."
- Fabio Salvatore

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