short film :: the path well trod by phileas fogg

Phileas Fogg was, of course, the wealthy and wise main character of the
Jules Verne classic novel 'Around the World in 80 Days'. Phileas was
a resourceful and cunning English gentleman. Now what if he
did not live in the height of the Edwardian empire? In this
short film we see Phileas Fogg as he could be today,
stripped of his wealth, his gentlemen's club and
companion Passepartout. This modern day
Phileas, nonetheless, retains a
love for adventure.


Starring: Rob Howard

Director: Ken Balys

Cinematography: Kelvin Mason

Post: Beatkamp, Special Circumstances

Sound Design: Ken Balys

Engineering: Frank Levin, Fishtank Studios

Mastering: DB Recording Systems

From Album: pk2pk

Artist: Lead Berry Research

Format: DV

Release: ©2002, 2005 Beatkamp Inc.

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