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Amsterdam of the Universe

Theo van Gogh
Theo van Gogh

Amsterdam of the Universe

(verse one)
he felt the sting
then looked around
spied a headless horse
on iron wheels

it's name was death
with it's friend the grave
pistol and sword
his life they waived

for his past
they stole the future
intolerance of virtue
manifest of murder

and so his life
flowed away
upon the earth
of the netherlands

amsterdam of the universe
amsterdam of the universe
its a good town
to hang around
and meet someone
and have some fun

(verse two)
van gogh
hard to name
the work he gave us
and never will again

the healthy smoker
unrespectful darkness
kills its way

nothing ever happens
a waste of brains
the soloist of reason
catalyst of change

and so our hero he fell victim
filled with lead
he was a soldier
a speaker for the dead


Starring: Ann Trépanier

Choreography and Dance: Ann Trépanier

Cinematography and Direction: Kenneth Balys

Cinematographer and Camera Operator: Liz Brand

Style and Artistic Director: Erin Heather

Written and Produced: Kenneth Balys

Lyrics: Kenneth Balys

1st A.D. and Slate: Liz Brand

Audio Production: Kenneth Balys, Beatkamp Inc.

Grip: Kelvin Mason

Location: Beatkamp Cabbagetown, Toronto and Iceland

Format: DI HD1080p

Film Stock: Fuji Eterna Super-16

Colourist: Lianna Hillerup

Film Processing: Niagara Custom Lab, Toronto

Cameras: Bolex Super-H16, Bolex Super-EBM 16mm, Ikonoskop Dii

Telecine: Frame Discreet, Toronto

Music Performance: Kenneth Balys

Post Production: Beatkamp, Special Circumstances

Mastering: Beatkamp, Special Circumstances

From Album: Kolophonium, Dada Pogrom

Artist: Dada Pogrom

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