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lead berry reseach - decoy berzerker

An outspoken anti-hunting activist in British Columbia was arrested by
the RCMP for shooting at a police installed deer hunting decoy.
As it turned out, he was deeply addicted to hunting. A story
this bizarre is destined to trigger art. This video shows
the story of the Decoy Berzerker, anti-hunting man,
who cannot control himself in the
near to deer decoys.

Starring: Ken Balys, Rob Clarke, Matt Legget, Andy MacFarlane, Steve Waller

Direction and Writing: Ken Balys

Camera: Matt Legget, Andrew Macfarlane, Steve Waller

Music Composition: Ken Balys

Format: Video

Mastering: Craig Waddell, Gotham City Studios

From Album: Cultus Viagrus

Artist: Lead Berry Research

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