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music video :: dada pogrom :: eternity

dada pogrom - eternity

Eternity was shot on 16mm film at various locations around the circumference
of Iceland. The song and video are requiem to Selma Kaldalóns. She was
a brilliant Icelandic composer and was the daughter of Sigvaldi
Kaldalóns. The video features shots of Snæfellsjökull,
both glacier and volcano and the place where
Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of
the Earth begins.

Director, Cinematographer: Ken Balys

Composer: Ken Balys

Location: Iceland

Format: Super 16mm Kodak Vision2

Film Processing: Deluxe

Post Production: Eyes Post Group

Editing: Greg Innis

Colourist, Telecine: Sandy Parr

Post Co-ordination: Marge White

Post Production: Eyes Media, Toronto

Project Coordination: Mimi Northcott, CRS

Recorded and Mixed at: The Warehouse, Vancouver

Mastering: Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel

From Album: Rats Live On nO eviL staR

Artist: Dada Pogrom

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