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music video :: dada pogrom :: paranoia

dada pogrom - paranoia

This, the first Dada Pogrom video (1989), was shot in Lennoxville,
Québec. Dada Pogrom was begun on the eve of the fall of the
Berlin Wall. With only an Atari 520ST sequencing an Akai
X7000 and a 1937 Shure Brothers microphone for
vocals and capture, this song and video
testify to a time of confusion.

Written, Recorded, Performed by: Ken Balys

Produced by: Douglas Frasier Cochrane

Camera: D. Frasier Cochrane, Tod Schertzer, Ken Balys,
Andrew Macfarlane, Charlie Clarke

Executive Producer: Loren Forsythe

Editing and Post: Ken Balys

Location: Lennoxville, Québec

Format: NTSC VHS

Recorded at: 9A Littleforks, Lennoxville

Mastering: Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel

From Album: Paranoia, also re-released on Apocalypso

Artist: Dada Pogrom

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