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music video :: dada pogrom :: stríð

dada pogrom - stríð

Stríð is Icelandic for "war". Shot at Kleifarvatn, a lake reputed to be
filled with monsters. Of course monsters lurk everywhere in
the Icelandic countryside.

Director, Production: Ken Balys

Producer: Haukur M. Hrafsson

Camera Operator: Bjotni Elisabetarson

Model Handler: Ricky

Grip: Gunni Bibi

Continuity and Clap: Hassan Harazi

Location: Kleifarvatn, Iceland

Format: 16mm Fuji 250T

Processing & Telecine: Deluxe, Toronto

Recorded at: Leda Chamber, Special Circumstances

Audio Engineering: Spike

Mastering: Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel

From Album: Tech Noire

Artist: Dada Pogrom

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