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music video :: dada pogrom :: war is a pogrom

dada pogrom - war is a pogrom

War is a pogrom is a festival of death.

Starring: Rob Howard, Stasi Nicole Kraschina

Director, Cinematography: Ken Balys

Composer: Ken Balys

Producer and Continuity: Karie Hiebert

Storyboard: Helga Agustsdottir

Pyrotechnics, Grip: Rob Townsend

Lead Driver: Robert Howard

Model Animator: Stasi Ranlub

Grip and Slate: Ed Balys

Grip: Troy Morrissey

Safety: Jaysin Patry

Radio Controlled Model Design and Construction: Special Circumstances

Dolly Consultant: Tod Schertzer, DIN

Location: Swan Studio, Beatkamp Inc, Toronto

Format: Super 16mm Kodak

Film Processing: Deluxe

Post Production: Eyes Post Group

Editing: Greg Innis

Colourist, Telecine: Sandy Parr

Post Co-ordination: Marge White

Recorded and Mixed: Thule Studios, Reykjavik

Engineering and Mixing: Aron Arnarsson

Mastering: Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel

Produced by: Beatkamp, Special Circumstances

Special Thanks To: Haukur M. Hrafnsson

From Album: Apocalypso

Artist: Dada Pogrom

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