dada pogrom - desire

This is the first Dada Pogrom publication.

The cassette carries a pair of twenty minute long sets after the manner of the acid house we had been listening to at the time.

A circle of CJMQ DJ's and students used to hang around at 9A Littleforks in Lennoxville and listen to music. Front 242, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Rational Youth, Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Front Line Assembly, etc. were all on the menu. It was a campout listening to beats.

Inner City and a bunch of British acidhouse started getting rotated and we wanted the same excitement that we felt must be happening in the world. Lennoxville is a small town, far away from everywhere, so we just made it happen for ourselves.
dada pogrom desire
What was so interesting, in a musical sense, with the British acidhouse was that the Brits had started mixing tracks together and beat matching them. At the time DJ'ing was really more about selecting a series of songs and playing them sequentially with too many fade outs and fade ins. The Brits were fooling with the speed settings on their decks to keep a constant tempo and some were even slowly increasing it as they went through their track list. Meta music composed of dozens of discrete songs, fastened together in tempo and sometimes even pitch.

So there it is really. A lot said about very little. This is the beginning of both Dada Pogrom and Beatkamp.
dada pogrom desire
track list:
side a 01) run for your love of life
side b 01) war is a pogrom

recorded at 9a littleforks, lennoxville
produced by douglas frasier cochrane and kenny balys
written and performed by kenny balys
released 1989
format: audio cassette
product identification: BKCA198901

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