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dada pogrom - paranoia

Dada Pogrom began as a project, at the cusp of the fall of the Berlin wall, out of an earlier electronic project called Inverted Triangle (1982-1989).

The equipment used was primitive by the standards of now; an Atari 520st with Sound Filer and Doctor T's along with a 6 voice Akai X7000 sampler. An old 1930s Shure Brothers carbon microphone, a Roland SH101 along with a Midiverb II effects rack filled in the rest the gear list. Dada Pogrom was a purely live act. This release is recorded live in the same manner as the first release (Desire, 1989).
dada pogrom paranoia
track list:
side a 01) war is a pogrom
side a 02) desire
side a 03) of life
side a 04) stalingrad
side a 05) paranoia [++ video ++]
side b 01) live set march 1990

associated music video:
dada pogrom paranoia

recorded at 9a littleforks, lennoxville
produced by douglas frasier cochrane and kenny balys
written and performed by kenny balys
released 1990
format: audio cassette
product identification: BKCA19902

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