dada pogrom - war is a pogrom

Important tracks from Apocalypso on vinyl including a unique remix of Nutation.

This project was conceived in Reykjavík and recorded at Thule Studios with the steady hands of Aron Arnarson at the SSL console.

The CD and twelve inch are sold out. Digital download is available.
dada pogrom war is a pogrom

track list:
01) war is a pogrom [++ video ++]
02) nutation
03) nutation (lock step, long mix, no vocals)
04) manubalista

associated music video:
war is a pogrom

produced by kenneth walter balys
recorded and mixed at thule studios, reykjavík, iceland
mastered by noah mintz at the lacquer channel, toronto
written and performed by kenneth walter balys
"nutation" vocals by stasi nicole kraschina
engineered by aron arnarsson
released 2005
format: twelve inch vinyl
product identification: DAD008

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