short film :: selma kaldalóns :: vögguvísa

This is a live recording of Selma Kaldalóns, f 27.12.1919
í Armúla við Ísafjarðardjúp d 12.12.1984 í Reykjavík,
playing her most celebrated lullaby in
March Township near Ottawa in
the summer of 1981.

The recording was taken with a mono cassette recorder
in 1981 by Kenneth Balys on BASF normal bias tape
stock using a Sony recorder.

The Sony device was the CF-1470 and its in-built
microphone captured the audio. The tape stock
had suffered degredation in the 30 years
between its first use and the recovery
of its magnetic audio
data in 2011.

Extreme restoration has taken place to mend audio
drop outs, tape stretching and the flaking off of
the oxide coating. The tape stock was far beyond
its recommended life span and as such, a small
amount of degradation can still be heard on
this recording.

The film that accompanies the music was shot in
Iceland in the summer of 2012 using the Ikonoskop
Dii cinema camera and the Leica 18mm f/3.8
Super-Elmar-M Aspherical Lens.

This lens and camera combination account for the
dramatic colour range and consistent
look throughout.

Selma's performance of this song should be of interest
to musical historians. In this very informal rendering
on an 1896 Heinzmann upright, she plays the song in the
key of G Major with a flowing stride style.

The scripted version of this song, Vögguvísa, in the 1983
publication "27 Sönglög" has this song in F Major.
The "27 Sönglög" version is also scripted in a
more rigid parlour form. These differences
make this recording something
unique and special.


vögguvísa written and performed by Selma Kaldalóns

- lyrics written by Sig. Júl. Jóhannesson

- live recording in 1981 by Kenneth Balys

- piano 1896 Heintzmann upright

- tape stock BASF normal bias

- recorder Sony CF-1470

- audio restoration by Kenneth Balys

- audio capture; Manley Tube DI's and
Lavry Blue converters

- digital restoration platform Pro Tools HD9

- visuals shot and produced by Kenneth Balys

- shot in Iceland at various locations including
Sprengisandur and

- camera was Ikonoskop Dii with Leica 18mm
f/3.8 Super-Elmar-M and
IR Filter

- colour post performed with DaVinci Resolve 9

- video edit with Final Cut Pro 6.0.6

- master in uncompressed 2K DI, audio 48KHz,
24bit, 2 channel

- sound effects generated with Doepfer A-100
modular system, in particular:
A118, A101-1, A121, A145,
A155, A138, A170, A114
and A117 modules

audio recording ©1981 Kenneth Balys

video and sound effects ©2012 Beatkamp Inc.

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