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music video :: lead berry research :: kapteyn's star

lead berry research - kapteyn's star

Kapteyn's Star was discovered by dutch astronomer Jacobus Kapteyn.
This discovery took place in 1877 after being spotted in a
catalogue from 1873. It is a fast moving dwarf star,
possibly part of a captured galaxy. Long after
this song was made, it was found to have
two giant terrestrial planets.

1977 Iceland was a strange world too. In the 100 years since its
discovery, Kapteyn's Star has moved approximately 0.0576
light years further away from Iceland.

By: Kenneth Balys
Recorded at: Lead Berry Research, Wilbrod Street, Ottawa
Mixed by: Marc Murray at Raven Street Studios, Ottawa
Mastered by: Beatkamp, Special Circumstances
Video Edit: Beatkamp, Special Circumstances
Format: Super-8
Original Release: 1997
Artist: Lead Berry Research
From Album: pk2pk
Product ID: LBRCD970001, BEATKAMP201602

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