dada pogrom - apocalypso

Apocalypso began as a live concept. Dada Pogrom had been playing promiscuously in Reykjavík and Helsinki. Few of the songs performed were yet released and so the decision was made to get another album together. A previous album, Tech Noire, had been out already for a few years and we decided we were after a different sound with the same basic motif.

We spoke to Aron Arnarson and he suggested that we mix the album punk. If you live in Iceland you may well know of Aron. His hands are in so many different projects that it hard to imagine the Icelandic music scene without him.

It was decided to use the A Room at Thule Studios with its SSL4000 console and two inch tape machine. We started to track on Ampex GP9 tape.

The whole project took shape very quickly after the first mix was layed down; Long Wednesday. Everything was balanced around this song which is an instrumental version of Ash Wednesday.

The song Nutation was where Stasi was added to the musical side of the production. She had been the VJ for Dada Pogrom but after a few drinks was locked in the mike booth and belted out the powerful lyrics to be heard on Nutation.

Ash Wednesday is specifically about the destruction of Dresden in 1945 and the accompanying slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent civilians however it is also about any city that has been killed.

The subject matter for this record is dark so a respectful dreariness is maintained throughout.

The CD and twelve inch are sold out. Digital download is available.
dada pogrom apocalypso

track list:
01) war is a pogrom [04:22] [++ video ++]
02) ash wednesday [04:34]
03) nutation [03:33]
04) the sky [04:41]
05) pyto [04:13]
06) mare nectaris [01:18] [++ video ++]
07) stay alive [05:49] [++ video ++]
08) manifesto [03:55]
09) manubalista [02:28]
10) long wednesday [09:03]
11) iota draconis [03:16] [++ short film ++]

associated music videos:
war is a pogrom
mare nectaris
stay alive

associated short film:
varga one - iota draconis

produced by kenneth walter balys
recorded and mixed at thule studios, reykjavík, iceland
mastered by noah mintz at the lacquer channel, toronto
written and performed by kenneth walter balys
"nutation" vocals by stasi nicole kraschina
engineered by aron arnarsson
paranoia was recorded live in quebec, 1990
released 2005
format: compact disk
product identification: DAD007

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