lead berry research - cultus viagrus

This album was born in Vancouver with its sunny sheen and friendly look all masking some of the greatest horrors and human tragedies to be found in North America. Zombie junkies pulling through garbage, crapping their pants being passed by fleece wearing joggers and the latest german automobiles. The work in this project was all about expressing the paradox of Vancouver in an angular musical style verging on happy but ever with a sense of tension.

More tools were available for this project than with pk2pk and so the recordings were captured largely on Cubase VST and partially on tape. Instruments used include Roland TB303, SH101, Jupiter-6, SH09, TR606, Studio Electronics ATC1 Tone Chamelion, Korg SD-1000 delay, Digitech Reverb, Oberheim Matrix-6, Electroharmonix MemoryMan, Novation Drumstation and Boss DR-55.

The producer was almost completely deaf as the result of hearing damage sustained at a Gary Numan show (Starfish Room, Vancouver, 14.05.1998) for the last week of this project. The resulting mix is strangely bright as a result.
cultus viagrus
track list:
01) atarius [10:47]
02) colecus [05:18]
03) pongus [06:51]
04) decoy berzerker [04:41] [++ video ++]
05) mr. dribbler [13:56]
06) k1 [01:00]
07) m42 [06:23]
08) tulsa denura [07:25]
09) excalibutter [09:12]
10) k3 [01:00] [++ video ++]
11) shoes [05:49]

associated music videos:
decoy berzerker

recorded at lead berry research, vancouver
produced and engineered by kenneth walter balys
mastered by craig waddell at gotham city studios, vancouver
cd layout and design by kelvin mason
written and performed by kenneth walter balys
thanks to matt legget, steven waller
released 1998
format: compact disk
product identification: LBRCD984269

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