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dada pogrom - the synth wreck of vasa

An octave of tech noire.

This album coalesced from songs performed live many times without
recording or release. After a time these eight gravitated together. This
project was recorded in Reykjavík using a few fine old analogue
synthesizers and drum machines as it was performed. In a fashion,
the album is more the product of evolution than engineering.

The recordings were mastered on tape. The tape stock used was
SM911. The main synthesizers used here are the Minimoog, Jupiter-6,
EEH Banana, SH-09, TR-808, Jupiter-4 and SH-101. The effects units
used were the Revox A-77, Dynacord VRS23 and PDD-14. The
sequencers used were MPC-2000 and Atari 520ST.

The CD is sold out. Cassette and digital download are available.
dada pogrom the synth wreck of vasa cd

track list
01) das Sammelgrab [++ video ++]
02) ablation
[++ video ++]
03) a fable ix [++ video ++]
04) dismantle [++ video ++]
05) nocturnus [++ video ++]
06) walk away
[++ video ++]
07) intrepid [++ video ++]
08) autovore [++ video ++]

associated music videos:
das Sammelgrab
a fable ix
walk away

produced by kenneth walter balys
mixed at eyjarslóð 9, reykjavík
mastered by special circumstances
written and performed by kenneth walter balys
released 2019
format: compact disk, cassette and digital download
product identification cd: BKFA201901 (sold out)
product identification cassette: BKFA202001

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